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Hotel Zámeček pod Hradem

Accommodation Novy Jicin - Hotel Zámeček pod Hradem

Hotel Zámeček Starý Jičín offers you accommodation in eighteen double bed rooms and four luxury suites. Each room has been individually designed and has unique atmosphere. Two of the suites have their own whirlpool bath and the romantic wedding suite is situated in one of the castle’s towers.

All rooms are furnished by modern and stylish furnishings. Each room has its own bathroom with shower or bath and toilette. All rooms are air-conditioned, have telephone, fast internet connection via WiFi or cable connection, TV and satellite. Pleasant accessories of all rooms are minibars with selection of drinks, which are free of charge for our guests.

For your safe and quiet sleep there is a 24 hour security service and closed hotel parking which is monitored by security camera system.

Hotel guests don’t need to worry about their valuables or larger amounts of cash. For their safe custody, there is a hotel safe deposit at the reception.

Pets are allowed to stay in our hotel.


Hotel & Restaurace Zámeček pod hradem
Starý Jičín 11, 742 31 Starý Jičín
Tel.: +420 556 752 262, Mobil: +420 736 632 222, Fax: +420 556 752 261
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