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Restaurant - Hotel Zámeček pod Hradem

Our professional staff are ready to cater to all your individual needs.

You will certainly choose from our broad variety o traditional Czech and international meals and carefully selected Moravian and international wines.

Menu of the week at our Facebook page.

Restaurant Zamecek pod hradem is situated underground in historical basements, which were used as beer storage for the local brewery for several hundred years. Spending your time in this unique stone edifice with high arches is an unforgettable experience.

The restaurant is divided into several individually designed sections that provide quiet and comfortable atmosphere for your dining. Our Knight’s room with round table for twelve persons may be reserved for your business meeting or party. This room is separated from the rest of the restaurant; therefore you will enjoy absolute privacy for your occasion.

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: from 8 AM till 11 PM
                          Sunday: from 8 AM till 9 PM

                          Breakfasts: from 7 AM till 9 AM

The restaurant may seat 85 guests.

FotogalerieThere is a free of charge WiFi Internet network available in the restaurant.

Hotel & Restaurace Zámeček pod hradem
Starý Jičín 11, 742 31 Starý Jičín
Tel.: +420 556 752 262, Mobil: +420 736 632 222, Fax: +420 556 752 261